Friday, May 23, 2014

Madagascar invited to join Global GMO Free Coalition!

Organizer, Navid Rakotofalala is a friend to the frogs of Madagascar!

We are very proud to be invited join the Global GMO Free Coalition ( for all of Madagascar, if their steering committee will accept our extremist group. GMO is the biggest problem for Madagascar's small farmers, and monsanto is always pushing this stuff on our people. Monsanto's maize, rice, papaya, and cassava promise only to poison our children and kill our farmers - just like they already do to our farms!

We want to work with Global GMO Free Coalition to promote real science showing these dangers to the Malagasy people!
Unfortunately the GMO Agriculture
is not their friend, it kills them!

{UPDATE: after our joke was told, Global GMO Free Coalition is not going to accept us. That is okay for us)

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